FRP construction technology and construction environment

Issuing time:2020-05-06 17:18

The temperature of the FRP construction environment should be 5-25℃, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 80%. Before FRP construction, strictly check whether the ground foundation is level or not. The construction cannot be carried out if the ground is not completely dry. The construction environment is in the basement, so it is necessary to set it up if necessary. There are ventilation and low-pressure lighting facilities.

FRP base surface requirements

The surface of the concrete should be firm, dense and smooth, and there should be no sanding, shelling, cracking, etc. The inner wall of the pool and other foundations shall be plastered with concrete at one time, and the yin and yang angles shall be oblique or rounded to achieve the purpose of facilitating the construction of FRP.

FRP process operation

1. The epoxy resin-resistant container should be kept clean, dry and free of oil stains.

2. When compounding rubber, the amount of each compound should be determined according to the engineering quantity and the number of operators, and it will be prepared as needed.

3. The epoxy resin is prepared by alcohol and T31 to reach the degree of curing. The procedure is as follows: Take a certain amount of epoxy resin in the container, then add T31 curing agent and stir it evenly, and use it up within 30 minutes after preparation.

4. The number of coating glass cloth layers is three times. After the first coating is completed, the second step is carried out, and the application is completed in sequence until the surface coating is completed. It can be used when the top coat is completely cured.

Quality requirements:

1. After the epoxy anticorrosive glass fiber reinforced plastic is constructed, the surface color is uniform and there is no leakage of bubbles and other phenomena.

2. The surface of the corrosion-resistant layer is smooth and flat, and the height difference of the uneven part of the reinforcement layer shall not exceed 20% of the wall thickness.

Finished product protection

1. It is not allowed to carry out strength inspection on the anti-corrosion layer, so as to avoid the small holes in the test from adversely affecting the finished product. However, the acid-base substances can be dripped on the surface for anti-corrosion performance test.

2. Strictly prevent welding sparks from falling on the surface of the finished product. If there is contact, a liner or iron plate must be used as a protection.

3. Shelf life: The quality shelf life of the long-term glass fiber reinforced plastic construction project is one year.

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