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【关于Download栏目(以下简称本栏目)资源的知识产权及免责声明】【The Intellectual Property Rights and Disclaimer of Resources in the Download column (hereinafter referred to as this column)】


The purpose of this column: Committed to promoting the spirit of open source in the field of product design. In order to better fulfill this purpose, please read the following terms carefully. If you disagree with any of the terms of this statement, you can choose not to browse any information in this column; obtaining or sharing any information in this column means that you agree and will comply with all the provisions of this statement. (Minors should review this statement accompanied by legal guardians)

第1条 本栏目的最终解释权归属于本公司。

Article 1 The final interpretation right of this column belongs to the company.

第2条 本声明适用于本栏目所有已发布的历史消息及将来要发布的所有消息.。Article 2 This statement applies to all historical news that has been published in this column and all news to be published in the future.

第3条 凡是关注本栏目或浏览本栏目信息的用户均为本栏目的用户(以下统称“用户”)。

Article 3 All users who follow this column or browse the information in this column are users of this column (hereinafter collectively referred to as "users").

第4条 本声明所指的资源包括但不限于设计图纸、设计文档、文字、图片、视频、音频等。

Article 4 The resources referred to in this statement include but are not limited to design drawings, design documents, text, pictures, videos, audios, etc.

第5条 本栏目是为用户提供其资源展示与分享的开放平台。本栏目无偿向所有用户提供资源展示与分享服务, 不以盈利为目的。本栏目账号主体与用户之间不存在买卖关系,也不是服务提供商与客户的关系。

Article 5 This column is an open platform for users to display and share their resources. This column provides resource display and sharing services to all users free of charge, not for profit. There is no trading relationship between the account subject of this column and the user, nor is the relationship between the service provider and the customer.

第6条 本栏目分享的所有资源不得用于任何商业或非法用途。否则,一切法律后果由该用户或第三方自负,与本栏目的主体公司无关。

Article 6 All resources shared in this column shall not be used for any commercial or illegal purposes. Otherwise, all legal consequences shall be borne by the user or the third party and have nothing to do with the main company of this column.

第7条 本栏目上所累积的所有资源,均来自热心用户的积极分享。本栏目的主体不会修改用户分享的资源。对于用户分享的资源内容之真实性引发的全部责任,由用户自行承担。一旦由于用户分享的资源发生权利纠纷或侵犯了任何第三方的合法权益,其责任由用户本人承担,因此给本栏目主体或任何第三方造成损失的,用户应负责赔偿。

Article 7 All the resources accumulated on this column come from the active sharing of enthusiastic users. The main body of this column will not modify the resources shared by users. All responsibility for the authenticity of the content of the resources shared by the user shall be borne by the user. In the event of a rights dispute or infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of any third party due to the resources shared by the user, the responsibility shall be borne by the user himself. Therefore, the user shall be responsible for compensation if any loss is caused to the main body of this column or any third party.

第8条 用户须承诺:其所分享的所有资源符合中国法律法规和规范性文件的相关规定,不侵犯任何第三方的合法权益。用户应承担一切因其个人行为而直接或间接导致的民事或刑事法律责任。因用户行为给本栏目主体造成损失的,用户应负责赔偿。

Article 8 Users must promise that all the resources they share comply with the relevant provisions of Chinese laws, regulations and regulatory documents, and do not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party. Users shall bear all civil or criminal legal liabilities directly or indirectly caused by their personal actions. The user shall be responsible for compensation if losses are caused to the main body of this column due to user behavior.

第9条 如因用户分享的资源侵犯了第三方的合法权利,该第三方可向本栏目提出异议。经核实后,我方将在第一时间删除侵权内容,并向该第三方提供该资源相关的所有信息,包括但不限于相关用户的资料、相关资源的来源或出处等信息。我方也将积极与该第三方协商可能涉及的赔偿事宜。

Article 9 If the resources shared by users infringe on the legal rights of a third party, the third party may raise an objection to this column. After verification, we will delete the infringing content as soon as possible, and provide the third party with all information related to the resource, including but not limited to the information of the relevant user, the source or source of the relevant resource, and other information. We will also actively negotiate with the third party about possible compensation issues.

第10条 本栏目有权根据中华人民共和国法律、法规及规范性文件的变化以及互联网及自身业务的发展情况,不断修改和完善本声明。

Article 10 This column has the right to continuously modify and improve this statement in accordance with the changes in the laws, regulations and regulatory documents of the People's Republic of China, as well as the development of the Internet and its own business.

第11条 本声明未涉及的问题参见国家有关法律法规。当本声明与国家法律法规冲突时,以国家法律法规为准。

Article 11 For issues not covered in this statement, please refer to relevant national laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

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