机械专业-中英词汇对照-Mechanical Words (9)

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机械专业-中英词汇对照-Mechanical Words (9)

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iudustrial alcohol 工业酒精

alcohol container 沾湿台

head of screwdriver 起子头

sweeper 扫把

mop 拖把

vaccum cleaner 吸尘器

rag 抹布

garbage container 灰箕

garbage can 垃圾箱

garbage bag 垃圾袋

chain 链条

jack 升降机

production line 流水线

chain 链条槽

magnetizer 加磁器

lamp holder 灯架

to mop the floor 拖地

to clean the floor 扫地

to clean a table 擦桌子

air pipe 气管

packaging tool 打包机

packaging 打包

missing part 漏件

wrong part 错件

excessive defects 过多的缺陷

critical defect 极严重缺陷

major defect 主要缺陷

minor defect 次要缺陷

not up to standard 不合规格

dimension/size is a little bigger 尺寸偏大(小)

cosmetic defect 外观不良

slipped screwhead/slippery screw head 螺丝滑头

slipped screwhead/shippery screw thread 滑手

speckle 斑点

mildewed=moldy=mouldy 发霉

rust 生锈

deformation 变形


poor staking 铆合不良

excesssive gap 间隙过大

grease/oil stains 油污

inclusion 杂质

painting peel off 脏污

shrinking/shrinkage 缩水

mixed color 杂色

scratch 划伤

poor processing 制程不良

poor incoming part 事件不良

fold of pakaging belt 打包带折皱

painting make up 补漆

discoloration 羿色

water spots 水渍

polishing/surface processing 表面处理

exposed metal/bare metal 金属裸露

lack of painting 烤漆不到位

safety 安全

quality 品质

delivery deadline 交货期

cost 成本

engineering 工程

die repair 模修

enterprise plan = enterprise expansion projects 企划

QC 品管

die worker 模工

production, to produce 生产

equipment 设备

to start a press 开机

stop/switch off a press 关机

classification 整理

regulation 整顿

cleanness 清扫

conservation 清洁

culture 教养

qualified products, up to grade products 良品

defective products, not up to grade products 不良品

waste 废料

board 看板

feeder 送料机

sliding rack 滑料架

defective product box 不良品箱

die change 换模

to fix a die 装模

to take apart a die 拆模

to repair a die 修模

packing material 包材

basket 蝴蝶竺

plastic basket 胶筐

isolating plate baffle plate; barricade 隔板

carton box 纸箱

to pull and stretch 拉深

to put material in place, to cut material, to input 落料

to impose lines 压线

to compress, compressing 压缩

character die 字模

to feed, feeding 送料

transportation 运输

(be)qualfied, up to grade 合格

not up to grade, not qualified 不合格

material change, stock change 材料变更

feature change 特性变更

evaluation 评估

prepare for, make preparations for 准备

parameters 参数

rotating speed, revolution 转速

manufacture management 制造管理

abnormal handling 异常处理

production unit 生产单位

lots of production 生产批量

steel plate 钢板

roll material 卷料

manufacture procedure 制程

operation procedure 作业流程

to revise, modify 修订

to switch over to, switchto throwover switching over 切

engineering, project difficulty


stage die 工程模

automation 自动化

to stake, staking, reviting 铆合

add lubricating oil 加润滑油

shut die 架模

shut height of a die 架模高度

analog mode device 类模器

die lifter 举模器

argon welding 氩焊

vocabulary for stamping


stamping, press 冲压

punch press, dieing out press 冲床

uncoiler & strainghtener 整平机

feeder 送料机

rack, shelf, stack 料架

cylinder 油缸

robot 机械手

taker 取料机

conveyer belt 输送带

transmission rack 输送架

top stop 上死点

bottom stop 下死点

one stroke 一行程

inch 寸动

to continue, cont.连动

to grip(material)吸料

location lump, locating piece, block stop 定位块

reset 复位

smoothly 顺利

dent 压痕

scratch 刮伤

deformation 变形

filings 铁削

to draw holes 抽孔

inquiry, search for 查寻

to stock, storage, in stock 库存

receive 领取

approval examine and verify 审核

processing, to process 加工

delivery, to deliver 交货

to return delivenry to.

to send delinery back

to retrn of goods 退货

registration 登记

registration card 登记卡

to control 管制

to put forward and hand in 提报

safe stock 安全库存

acceptance = receive 验收

to notice 通知

application form for purchase 请购单

consume, consumption 消耗

to fill in 填写

abrasion 磨损

reverse angle = chamfer 倒角

character die 字模

to collect, to gather 收集

failure, trouble 故障

statistics 统计

demand and supply 需求

career card 履历卡

to take apart a die 卸下模具

to load a die 装上模具

to tight a bolt 拧紧螺栓

to looser a bolt 拧松螺栓

to move away a die plate 移走模板

easily damaged parts 易损件

standard parts 标准件

breaking.(be)broken,(be)cracked 断裂

to lubricate 润滑

common vocabulary for die engineering


die 模具

figure file, chart file 图档

cutting die, blanking die 冲裁模

progressive die, follow ( on)die


compound die 复合模

punched hole 冲孔

panel board 镶块

to cutedges=side cut=side scrap 切边

to bending 折弯

to pull, to stretch 拉伸

Line streching, line pulling 线拉伸

engraving, to engrave 刻印

upsiding down edges 翻边

to stake 铆合

designing, to design 设计

design modification 设计变化

die block 模块

folded block 折弯块

sliding block 滑块

location pin 定位销

lifting pin 顶料销

die plate, front board 模板

padding block 垫块

stepping bar 垫条

upper die base 上模座

lower die base 下模座

upper supporting blank 上承板

upper padding plate blank 上垫板

spare dies 模具备品

spring 弹簧

bolt 螺栓

document folder 文件夹

file folder 资料夹

to put file in order 整理资料

spare tools location 手工备品仓

first count 初盘人

first check 初盘复棹人

second count 复盘人

second check 复盘复核人

equipment 设备

waste materials 废料

work in progress product 在制品

casing = containerazation 装箱

quantity of customs count


the first page 第一联

plate 电镀

mold 成型

sample 样品

description 品名

steel/rolled steel 钢材

material statistics sheet


meeting minutes 会议记录

meeting type 会别

distribution department 分发单位

location 地点

chairman 主席

present members 出席人员

subject 主题

conclusion 结论

decision items 决议事项

responsible department 负责单位

pre fixed finishing date 预定完成日

approved by 核准

checked by 审核

prepared by 承办

model 机锺

work order 工令

revision 版次

remark 备注

production control confirmation 生产确认

checked by 初审

approved by 核准

department 部门

stock age analysis sheet


on hand inventory 现有库存

available material 良品可使用


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