SMART Model- 我们的SMART法则

Issuing time:2021-06-26 13:46Author:DYD SMART
Every project we do, will follow our special SMART model,   sums up what characteristics any goal should have. SMART is an acronym for:
我们做的每一个项目,都会遵循我们特殊的SMART模型,总结任何目标应该具备的特征。 SMART 是以下的首字母缩写词:

Specific – Your inquiry are clearly understood by every engineers in the team.
具体 - 团队中的每个工程师都清楚地了解您的询问。

Measurable – Every engineers can always get a clear idea of how well they are going to do.

Achievable – We will seriously reply to you an achievable goal – it isn’t talk in the sky type thinking.

Relevant – This goals we set must be important relevant for your inquiry.
相关 - 我们设定的这个目标对您的询问必须有很重要的相关性。
Time-bound – We have a specific due date for completion instead of “some day”.


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