Plastic Tooling Issue Conversation- Chinese To English (II)

Issuing time:2020-03-03 18:51

DYD Smart Technology Plastic Injection Tool

11. 斜顶与后面的柱位空间太小,斜顶在运动时会干涉到柱子,能移动这个柱子的位置吗?
. D+ D* g" C, |3 _* H9 `The angular lifter interferes with the boss during ejection. Please consider changing the position of the boss.
4 T( I. D6 i, @7 w8 U

12. 这个筋骨位胶厚太溥,而且高度偏高,注塑时很难填充这个筋位,可以增加这个筋骨位的厚度吗?- \2 r/ s3 Q7 D7 p
The rib here is too thin and on the high side, so it will be difficult to fillhere when we do the
injection, can you inrcease the thickness of this rib?
& k" ~9 [% E( @, v/ H

13. 你是想将此筋骨位的高度加高/减低吗?加胶的位置我们将用铜公放电加深。但减胶的位置有两种做   T, F5 p* O3 P法,1、做镶件;2、烧焊;因为镶件的底部有运水,我们简单的做法是烧焊处理,你可以接受吗?( d$ ?% P# q+ I; S   y: p; R
Will you increase/decrease the material on this rib? We will use EDM if you addmaterial, but there 9 L( K, Z! _9 ]7 V4F6 N1 lare two option if you choose to decrease:

1.Make inserts;


because there is water in the 7 P   _. M1 }! Rbottom of the insert, is that OK?

14. 这个样板的筋骨位底部烧焦,是因为排气不良,我们可以在筋骨位的中间增加一个镶件。(
This sample has been burned in the bottom because the venting is not good, wecan add an insert in the middle of the rib.
3 v& f   }: Z# Y3 k/ [4 v#L& i# r9 A

15. 重做镶件大约需要5-6天时间,你能接受吗?7 d) T/ Y4 f; t
It will take about 5 or 6 days to redo the insert, is that OK?
) O2 D: t" T# c+ P

16. 产品的这个面我们已经做了晒纹处理,如果需要加胶,这个面我们需要重新外发晒纹。可能需要几天的时间! Z+ w8 K3 P, Y% `% . c) V* C6 i6f' n; Y* [。所以我们直接以铜公放电的火花纹取代你要求的纹路,你可以接受吗?
8 p8 O) [/ w5 x3 d% ?! OWe havemade the texture on this side, if we add material, it will take some days toremake the , q; ]% i1 C7 _& s0 ntextureby out-resourcing, so we suggest using the texture by EDM instead, is that OK?
2 o5 w: i9 S1 g% W. g. m

17.模具是用公制/英制的配件?需要备用件吗?4 r7 q   `2 W6 o! c2 V
Is this mold dimension measured in inches or meters? Does it need spare parts?

18. 模具上铭牌上的刻字内容是由你们提供吗?你们什么时候可以这些刻字资料。

Will you provide the engraving content of the plate ofthis mold to us? When will you send it?
& L+ \) M9 H# C! i6 a: e! L

19. 可否提供此模具生产时,注塑机的型号及相关资料。如:啤机大小、呵林柱尺寸、顶棍孔尺寸等
) ?: R6 I+ u% m: sCan youprovide the type of injection machine and other related information of this mold to us? 5 o6 M; r, P& A( vSuchas the boss dimension, the hole's dimension of the ejector pin and the size ofthe injection - j6 f% ]5 P. _% _2 J9 p0z5 B( amachine and so on.
( n* `( H/ R5 Q3 u7 q8 f


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