Plastic Tooling Issue Conversation- Chinese To English (I)

Issuing time:2019-12-26 12:22

DYD Smart Technology Plastic Injection Tool CNC

1. 某某某!你现在有空吗,我可以问你一些问题吗?
4 m# x( K1 e* S- Q7 \" B; CCouldI ask you some questions if you are free?/ Are you free now? May I ask you somequestions (a question)?
' ^. J# E- l1 I4 m2 @0 y

2.请问此产品的面是否为外观面?表面做什么处理?是晒纹/抛光?: H0 \5 U7 D( n$ ]$ A: o
Can you tell me whether the surface of this part is a visible/esthetic one?What will we do for its
surface? Texture or Polishing?
3 C: a2 w# A+ l. D

3. 请问产品这个面可否加顶针或顶块?产品允许加扁顶针吗?- T: A/ b! S4 S. M3 _1 x1 h
Does this part need an ejector pin or an ejector bar? Can we add an ejectorblade?
5 l# ^2 L3 ^) T) a2 K6 b. A9 k

4. 这个产品的柱位我们打算做司筒。(或镶针)可以吗?
9 }& w( ~0 i9 H& D3 Y% a&Z, `9 t) oCan we add ejector sleeves or ejector pins in the boss of thispart?
' \# x* t& ^- c( h   \

4 J* B7 m2 n6 n$ K3 |; D# J8 rThere'san undercut at this position and it needs a slider. It will also have a partingline on this side, isthat OK?
; H+ Q" e5M   z1 p

6. 产品里面的这个位置我们打算做斜顶或内行位,有问题吗?( O6 Z4 c4 y' E+ R5 v
We will make the lifter and (inner) slider in this position, will that be aproblem?
) ?/ j. C, V7 o+ X6 G4 m. z

7. 你提供的2D产品图与3D产品图不一致,请问以哪一个图面为准?" U2 @6 d1 e, y
The 2D and 3D drawing you provided is not the same, can you tell me which oneis correct?
$ I8 p   A) B* V* P+ E2 a

8. 你提供的3D产品图有的地方没有出模角,有的地方胶位太厚,有的地方胶位太溥,这些产品问题我们可以自己修改吗?修改后会给交给你确认。
, c" X# d' c# I6 yThere isno draft angle in the 3D drawing, some materials are too thick, and some placeare too & Y5 Y- }! n3 k8 F+ Tthin.Can we modify this part by ourselves? We will send the drawing to you for youto check after we modify it.
2 `! Y/ U0 Z3 ^! Y) c# N

9.按你们提供的缩水率千分之五,这个模具的尺寸已经做到了模具图面要求。但注塑出来的产品不符合你们的产品图。1请确认你们的材料的缩水率是否正确?Accoring to the shrinkage oneover two hundred, the mold has been done in the right dimension, but the partfalls short to your part drawing, are you sure the shrinkage is right?
+ O+ V. f0 T8 z" f

10. 产品的这个位置太小,导致模具钢料太溥,能够加宽这个位置吗?* v6 X! s- R% b# b7 u
This position is too small and will make the steel material here too thin, can we widen it here?

Plastic Tooling Issue Conversation- Chinese To English

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